Essence: 071 Wanna Kiss?

Hi everyone!

So let’s go on with my swatches! Today I have Essence Multi Dimension 071: Wanna Kiss?

This is one of those polishes that you put on and think “Why aren’t all polishes like this?”. Yes, this is perfect! The formula, application, colour, everything is great with this polish! Definitely into my favourites.

The colour is a very pale pastel pink which is very springy and looks great on my skin tone. But honestly, I think this would work on any skin tone because it’s so neutral in the end.

Essence 071 Wanna Kiss?

Essence 071 Wanna Kiss?

Essence 071 Wanna Kiss?

Essence 071 Wanna Kiss?

How do you like it? Yay or nay?

Changing subject, you might notice that my nails are all different. I am working on them, I was unsure whether to go round or square and haven’t made up my decision yet. For sure I need to trim them at least similar! Here 4 fingers, 4 different shapes. Not good! I like the ring finger best, shape.-wise. What do you think?


  1. I'm in love with this colour!!!! Sometimes this kind of polishes are difficult to apply... I need to try it!
    My nails are like yours, everyone is different because they are very weak.. :-(


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