P2 Can't Get Enough

The other side of holos: Jade Psicodelica

Kiko Power Pro n. 39 Blu Cobalto

Kiko Power Pro n. 31 Giallo + Minions nails

TNS Accent Manicure: That's Amore (UNS421)

The other side of holos: Colors by LLarowe My Broken Down Crop Duster

RobyNails Magic Fuxia

Finishpedia: neon feat. China Glaze Rose Among Thorns

P2 Sand Style Pretty

TNS Red Vanity make up collection

Kiko Power Pro n. 36 Acquamarina e n. 37 Oceano

Depend 58 (and the importance of underwear!)

Finishpedia: scattered holographic