Color Club Poptastic

Hi everyone!

Today I’m showing a super old Color Club nail polish that was released back in Spring 2010 in the Poptastic collection, that actually carries its name. The collection is still easily available btw.

Color Club Poptastic is a bright pink neon that applies flawlessly despite its age (my bottle is one from 2010). My pics don’t make it justice, think of a pink highlighter pen, that’s the true shade. It’s opaque in two coats and it dries matte, which is common for neon nail polishes. You definitely want a top coat to make it glossy.

Photos: two coats + top coat.


Smalto Color Club Poptastic nail polish

Smalto Color Club Poptastic nail polish

Smalto Color Club Poptastic nail polish


I love neon nails in Summer and I bought a 6-pieces set from the Poptastic collection. I haven’t used them all yet but sure will. I like Poptastic but I must admit my favourite so far is Warhol which is probably my very favourite neon nail polish ever anyway.

How do you like neon nails? Favourite shade? And maybe you got some Color Club neons, too?



  1. It`s nice, perfect for sunny holiday :) I thought that neons are not my style, but I bought a cheap set of 6 ones and I have to admit they good nice on my nails :)

    1. Thank you Gosia! I think neons look good on everyone. They are super bright on darker skintone and make a pop on lighter ones!

  2. Molto carino questo smalto, ma in effetti Wharol è meraviglioso!!

  3. I remember when these were THE neons to get! Still love them.

  4. I feel like this would be perfect with some cute stars or sweets stamped on top!

  5. I LOVE neons, especially if they are cremes!


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