Pink mandala stamping nail art

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you an easy nail art created with Catrice ICONails 22 100% Cotton (base), Kiko Mirror 619 (stamping) and Bornprettystore's Harunouta-08* stamping plate.

I wasn’t too happy about the outcome and went for a matte finish first and a holo top coat after.


Pink mandala stamping nail art

Pink mandala stamping nail art

Pink mandala stamping nail art

Pink mandala stamping nail art


None of the two looks really satisfied me and I ended up changing my manicure completely.

What do you think of it? And most important, what would you change to make it better?

Harunouta 08 春の歌 Nail Art Stamping plate


*pr sample


4 commenti:

  1. Well, I like it and I don't understand why you don't? I find it pretty with the matte and the holo finish too!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I think I was aiming for something more delicate, maybe thinner lines.

  2. Molto carina e delicata... questi smalti della kiko erano perfetti per lo stamping mannaggia! Facciamo una raccolta di firme per metterli nella collezione permanente! ;-)


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