Barry M Cobalt Blue

Hi everyone!

It was about time to wear blue again on my nails! Once again it’s a nail polish I’ve wanted so bad, got it and never wore it. No news, uh?

Barry M Cobalt Blue is a cobalt blue creme, what a surprise! Application is easy and the shade didn’t disappoint! Coverage is almost perfect at first coat, although I prefer always applying two. Drying time is not that fast so I used a (H&M) top coat to help. Unfortunately the two brands didn’t seem to get along very well and I got some weird brush strokes on my nails. You can see them if you look closer. Such a shame.

Photos: two coats + top coat.


Smalto Barry M Cobalt Blue nail polish

Smalto Barry M Cobalt Blue nail polish

Smalto Barry M Cobalt Blue nail polish #barrym #nails #unghie #lightyournails #blue


It’s such a shame the top coat messed my manicure because this nail polish is really awesome, just as I expected. This English brand is positively surprising me. I saw these nail polishes sell for 3£ online, which should be a drugstore price in the UK. That’s great considering the quality.

What do you think about this blue?


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8 commenti:

  1. Il colore è meraviglioso, il prezzo niente male! :-)

  2. Indeed a wonderful color. Such a shame for those brush strokes, they are quite visible.

    1. Yes, but totally the top coat's fault. The nail polish itself is great.

  3. Molto bello questo blu! Non conoscevo questo marchio, ma dal prezzo sembrerebbe proprio un low cost, secondo me ne vale la pena!
    Un bacio!

  4. Molto bello... essendo così coprente lo hai già sperimentato con lo stamping?

    1. Non ancora! Ultimamente ho poco tempo per nail art e stamping.


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