Catrice ICONails 09 Vintagged Pink

Hi everyone!

Today I’m showing you a nail polish by Catrice that I wore last week for a job interview. I wanted something different from the usual nude shade so I picked this one which is a little darker than my own skintone but still a neutral colour.

Catrice 09 Vintage Pink comes in a creme finish. It applies easily thanks to the awesome brush in this range. The shade is meant to be a vintage pink and I saw swatches and reviews confirming it. On my skin tone it leans brick though as you might notice from my pictures. Drying time is quite fast and it dries glossy.

Photos: two coats, no top coat.


Smalto nude Catrice ICONails 09 Vintagged Pink nail polish

Smalto nude Catrice ICONails 09 Vintagged Pink nail polish

Smalto nude Catrice ICONails 09 Vintagged Pink nail polish #nails #unghie #ICONails #catrice #lightyournails


It’s an office friendly shade and perfect for a job interview (keep your fingers crossed for me!). It’s easy to wear, goes with everything and you get that “healthy nails” look that I love.

What about you? Do you like wearing neutrals on your nails?


6 commenti

  1. Indosso volentieri queste tonalità nude sulle unghie, solo che devo abbellire almeno due unghie con un po' di nail art o qualche stampa con il disegno delicato :-)

    1. Sono ottime basi per le nail art delicate questi colori nude!

  2. I neutro/chiari son proprio nelle mie corde, lucidi così, poi... Il non plus ultra!

    P.S. Incrociamus!

  3. Non so se un colore così potrebbe starmi bene...dovrei poterlo provare prima di acquistarlo..
    incrociamo le dita per te!
    un bacione!

    1. Sempre difficile indovinare con certi colori in effetti!
      Grazie per gli incroci!


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