Zoya Rory

Hi everyone!

I’m showing you a third pink manicure today. This is a reminder for you (and us all) to always do your check-ups regularly. I’ll be quick though because migraines hit me again.

Zoya Rory is a mauve pink with a foil finish. It applies easily and it’s perfectly opaque in two coats. Drying time is quick.

Photos: two coats, no top coat.


Zoya Rory smalto #nails

Zoya Rory smalto #nails

Zoya Rory smalto #nails #unghie #zoya #lightyournails #pink


I’ve always loved foils but I didn’t fall in love with this one. I’m not sure if it’s its fault or if my taste is changing honestly. Quality is great though.

What do you think about it?



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6 commenti:

  1. Beautiful swatches! Rory was one of my first Zoya polishes and I think that I've used it for a manicure almost every United In Pink year but not this year yet.

    1. Thank you Helena! I didn't love it as much as I hoped unfortunately :(

  2. Cavolo se mi piace!! *__* Dove si trova questo marchio??
    Non l'ho mai visto in giro.

    1. In Italia direi che si trova solo nei centri estetici :/

  3. Non amo particolarmente questo finish, però questa tonalità mi piace tanto! :-)


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