H&M Amaranthine

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I’m back today with a super pretty nail polish:  H&M Amaranthine. It’s a burgundy red to bronze shimmery duochrome. As usual when it comes to duo- and multichromes it’s a good idea to use a dark base to accentuate colour shifts. I went for a black base which is also by H&M: Neo Noir. I then applied two coats of Amaranthine over it. Formula in this one is very watery so you gotta be careful not to flood your cuticles with shimmer, just unload the brush before each coat. Other than that it’s really easy to apply and the black base definitely adds depth and makes it very interesting. Drying time is slow so you’d better use a quick drying top coat to help.

Photos: two coats over a black base, no top coat.


Smalto H&M Amaranthine nail polish

Smalto H&M Amaranthine nail polish

Smalto H&M Amaranthine nail polish

Smalto H&M Amaranthine nail polish #HM #nails #unghie #lightyournails


For me this is yet another hit by H&M Beauty! All the nail polishes I’ve tried so far are fantastic. This shade is gorgeous, it’s bright and sexy and has wonderful colour shifts that are perfect both in Fall and Winter. They remind me both of falling leaves and Christmas decorations. I LOVE IT!

What do you think about it? Have you already tried this H&M nail polish range?


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  1. Che colore spettacolare! *_*

  2. Wow è davvero bellissimo questo colore!! Di h&m ho provato solo un top coat quest'estate che spero presto di pubblicare nel blog. Ho cercato anche il blu che hai recensito tempo fa "lapislazzuli" ma non l'ho trovato😥

    1. Che peccato che non l'hai trovato, è talmente bello quel blu! Anche io ho provato un top coat ma con alcuni brand di smalti non va d'accordo e mi fa delle strane striature. Son proprio curiosa di vedere e leggere se è lo stesso tuo.


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