Blue gradient and stamping nail art

Blue MoYou stamping nail art


Hi everyone!

Today I’ll show you a nail art which was quite fast to create.

I started with Cliche Azul Russo as my base polish and I sponged  Golden Rose no. 15 on my tips to create a blue gradient. I then added some flowers from MoYou Nails 403 stamping plate with Bornprettystore’s special stamping polish no. 9 (item #22328). Last I sealed my mani with Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat by Butter London.


Blue gradient nail art

Blue MoYou stamping nail art

Blue MoYou stamping nail art #nailart #stamping #moyou #lightyournails


As you might know I love blue so this mani was a win for me from the beginning. I loved both the simple gradient and the stamping over it.

What do you think of it? Do you like it? And do you prefer the gradient or the stamping?



  1. E' molto carina in entrambe le versioni, ma lo stamping vince a mani basse :-)

  2. The gradient is wonderful and I like how it looks with the stamping on too!

  3. Mi piacciono entrambe le versioni, è una bellissima combinazione dei colori e un motivo floreale proprio bello! :-)

    1. Grazie! Adoro quella plate di MoYou, l'ho comprata allo scorso Cosmoprof!


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