Essence Goofy Blue (Snow Jam TE)

Hi everyone!

Today's nail polish was first on Instagram and now on the blog for once. It's quite an old Essence nail polish from a past limited edition called Snow Jam. It's hard to find for sure, sorry!

I decided to pick it up to join The Nail Polish Hoarder's Pantone 2018 Spring Summer challenge on Instagram. Unfortunately I missed the first couple of colours and I guess I'll do them in the end, or here and there.

Last week's colour was PANTONE 16-4132: Little Boy Blue. I looked into my collection and I thought Essence Goofy Blue could be a good match.

Essence Goofy Blue is a glassflecked light blue, very easy to apply and perfectly opaque in two coats. It doesn't dry very glossy so you'd better use a top coat to add some shine. Drying time is reasonably quick. Removal is similar to a glitter unfortunately, those flecks don't want to go away!

Photos: two coats + top coat.


Smalto azzurro Essence Goofy Blue (Snow Jam Trend Edition) blue nail polish

Smalto azzurro Essence Goofy Blue (Snow Jam Trend Edition) blue nail polish

Smalto azzurro Essence Goofy Blue (Snow Jam Trend Edition) blue nail polish #unghie #essence #nails #lightyournails


I think it's a lovely winter shade, exactly what Essence meant it to be. Not very sure it's a Spring colour as Pantone choose?! When I think of an Easter/Spring blue I'm all about something more pastel and creamy. What about your opinion?

Here below you can find the link to The Nail Polish Hoarder's post about the challenge, maybe you can jump on board, too, and do the missing colours in the end like me?

JOIN THE PANTONE SPRING SUMMER 2018 CHALLENGE!⠀ ⠀ Since I’m enjoying the Ultra Violet challenge immensely, why not continue to play with the Pantone Spring Summer Trend colors?⠀ ⠀ 20 colors in 20 weeks!⠀ One color each week, starting on February the 5th, introduced by an inspiration collage. A bit of a marathon, but who doesn't enjoy a good challenge in life? :D⠀ ⠀ Here's a sneak peek of all the colors that will be proposed: ready to raid your collection?⠀ ⠀ Why don't you come and play along?⠀ @_a_d_r_y_⠀⠀ @alinanailart_ ⠀ @firstlovenails⠀⠀ @langolodeglismalti⠀⠀ @manumanufatti⠀⠀ @my_apawcalypse⠀⠀ @nailartbybensa⠀⠀ @zaya_nails @misshollyberries @jessface90x ⠀ #ITPANTONE2018 #pantoness2018 #nailchallenge #pantonechallenge⠀ #nails💅 #nailpolish #nailpolishswatch #nailpolishaddict #nailpolishblogger #nailpolishcollector #nailpolishcollection #nailpolishfreak #nailpolishhoarder #nailpolishjunkie #nailpolishlover #nailpolishnerd #nailpolishmaniac #nailsofinstagram #instanails #instamani #naillife #naillove #nailsofig #naillacquer #nailvarnish #nailcommunity #nails #nailpolishchallenge

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  1. Even if the flecks are hard to remove they look perfect with this shade of blue. Great polish, I like it!

  2. Wow questo azzurro è fantastico! Peccato che ora è introvabile... :-(

    1. E' vero Emanuela, è un peccato. Le vecchie collezioni Essence avevano davvero delle chicche.


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