H&M Paper Ash

Hi everyone!

I am back today with my pick for letter H in the Untried A-Z challenge: H&M Paper Ash. This nail polish is rather new in my collection, I purchased it during the last Winter sales in January at 1€.

H&M Paper Ash is a light grey creme. It applies easily and is opaque in two coats. It dries quite fast and glossy.

Photos: two coats, no top coat.


Smalto grigio H&M Paper Ash grey nail polish

Smalto grigio H&M Paper Ash grey nail polish

Smalto grigio H&M Paper Ash grey nail polish #HM #unghie #nails


H&M nail polishes at 1€ are such a bargain! I went into an H&M store yesterday and they still had a few shades left and I was so tempted to purchase some more. In the end I gave up because I already have so many untrieds in my stash. Paper Ash is really pretty and I am glad it's part of my collection. It's a shade that works both for Spring and Winter plus it's really bright even though it's a grey. I think it might make a good nail art base, too.

How do you like it?


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