LOreal Notting Hill Blue - Rebel Blue

Hi everyone!

I am a little late for Untried AZ challenge's letter L! Today's nail polishes are L'Oreal Notting Hill Blue and L'Oreal Rebel Blue. It's also what I picked for Instagram's Pantone challenge to show PANTONE 18-4043 Palace Blue.

"Palace Blue sparkles with energy. Stirring and impressive, a brighter blue for the days ahead.".

L'Oreal Rebel Blue/Notting Hill Blue is actually the same nail polish. The European version comes in a small 5ml bottle and it's called Rebel Blue, the bigger US version is called Notting Hill Blue. But it's the same rebottled and renamed. It's a gorgeous electric blue shade with a silver shimmer which becomes light blue in the darker base. Application is quite easy, I especially love the brush in the European bottle. Unfortunately L'Oreal nail polish last one day on my nails and they just start chipping off immediately afterwards. Drying time is quick but the finish is not glossy so you need a top coat.

Photos: two coats, no top coat. (I have Rebel Blue and Notting Hill Blue on two nails each. Sorry but I can't remember which is which because they are just the same.)


Smalto blu L'Oreal Rebel Blue-Notting Hill Blue nail polish #loreal #lightyournails #nails #unghie

Smalto blu L'Oreal Rebel Blue-Notting Hill Blue nail polish #loreal #lightyournails #nails #unghie

Smalto blu L'Oreal Rebel Blue-Notting Hill Blue nail polish #loreal #lightyournails #nails #unghie


I should have shot a photo with top coat because these ones just don't pay it justice. This is a beautiful colour if you love blue. That shimmer just adds up.

What do you think of it? Maybe you own one or the other already?



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