Misa Lime Love

Hi everyone!

Here's my choice for the Untried A-Z challenge's letter M!

Misa Lime Love has been in my wishlist for a while after being released as part of the Fresh and Fruity Summer 2013 collection. Reviews and swatches were all great so I finally surrendered and placed an overseas/international order to get it back in the days.

Misa Lime Love is a pea green nail polish with a very subtle shimmer. It applies so bad and drags awfully and it needed 4 coats to get a decent coverage out of it. I know I am using it 4 years after purchasing but that's true for most of my nail polishes to be honest. Such a big disappointment. The shade however is gorgeous.

Photos: 4 coats + top coat.


Smalto verde Misa Lime Love green nail polish #misa #nails #unghie #lightyournails

Smalto verde Misa Lime Love green nail polish #misa #nails #unghie #lightyournails

Smalto verde Misa Lime Love green nail polish #misa #nails #unghie #lightyournails


I hate it when I spend so much money for an International purchase just to find out some pieces suck. Now I guess I just need to find a cheap easy to find dupe for Lime Love! Any suggestion?


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