Green flowers stamping feat. BeautyBigBang

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you an easy stamped nail art. My base is Catherine Arley 160, the stamping polish is my beloved MoYou Nails stamping white, and the pattern I used comes from BeautyBigBang10 nail stamping plate*. I sealed it all with TNS Flash Mat top coat.

BeautyBigBang is an online retailer selling a little bit of everything. I've already mentioned it here on the blog but their nail range is way bigger now! They released their own stamping plates, stamping polishes, holo and thermal polishes range. There's a lot to shop for on their site nowadays! This stamping plate I've used is their code SKU: J6401TM-4A, it's linked down below anyway.

I really liked it. It's my first stamping plate from their own brand and it works great. I picked a pattern that had fine lines to check how good it might work and it transfered fully to the nails which means it's perfectly etched.


BeautyBigBang 10 stamping plate nail art #nails #nailart #stamping #lightyournails

BeautyBigBang 10 stamping plate nail art #nails #nailart #stamping #lightyournails

BeautyBigBang 10 stamping plate nail art #nails #nailart #stamping #lightyournails

BeautyBigBang 10 stamping plate nail art #nails #nailart #stamping #lightyournails


I can say my first impression of a BeautyBigBang stamping plate is absolutely positive. The patterns are original and interesting and my wishlist is quite long! I can suggest you have a look at their shop and if you decide to place an order you can use the code SIMONA for 10% off. I get nothing out of it, it's just a bonus for you for reading my blog.

What do you think? Did you know BeautyBigBang already?

BeautyBigBang 10 stamping plate nail art


* pr sample


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