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Faby I know what is best
Faby Fearless
Duri Cosmetics Divas Only
Catrice ICONails 43 Monkey Donkey
TNS Firenze 572 Foresta
TNS Firenze 577 Grand Tour
TNS Firenze Grand Tour
Kiko Power Pro 112 Violet Landscape
Purple nail art
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Catrice ICONails 32 Get Your Pink On
Kiko Metal Fusion 03 California Rose
Catrice Holo in One
Kiko Power Pro 114 Lime Juice
Hard Candy Sky
Kiko Power Pro 117 Brick On Trend
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Pupa 711 Dusty Blue
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L.A. Girl Color Addict Obsess
Blue and purple mandala stamping
Kiko Power Pro 113 Touch The Sky