Born Pretty holo polish no. 10

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you quite an old polish which is still available though. It's Born Pretty holo polish #10 (code #6408), a blue nail polish with linear holographic effect. It is part of the first Bornpretty's holo collection. That one was really good and you needed no special base coat for those holos. The rainbow payoff of this whole collection was/is great, too. There's not much to say actually. It's a good small polish. Application is easy, coverage is perfect in two coats and it dries quickly. Many top coats tend to dull the holo effect but you can add a last coat of polish on top.

Photos: two coats, no top coat.

#smalto olografico blu #bornpretty n. 10 #holographic blue nail polish #nails #lightyournails

#smalto olografico blu #bornpretty n. 10 #holographic blue nail polish #nails #lightyournails

#smalto olografico blu #bornpretty n. 10 #holographic blue nail polish #nails #lightyournails

I think that's it for today! Do you own any Born Pretty's holo?


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