Teal flowers stamping

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you a nail art I created over Anny Surf the Wave. I told you I covered that one quite quickly!

I used my new BeautyBigBang 021* square stamping plate and the already seen blue foil by Yesensy that I paid 1€ back then. The colour combo looked good enough.

I made some mess on my ring finger nail stamping it twice by mistake. I first thought of redoing it but then I realized it kinda looked like an accent nail so I kept it.

My top coat is again Bornpretty's No Smudge.

Blue flowers stamping nail art feat. #beautybigbang #nailart #nailstamping #lightyournails

Blue flowers stamping nail art feat. #beautybigbang #nailart #nailstamping #lightyournails

Blue flowers stamping nail art feat. #beautybigbang #nailart #nailstamping #lightyournails

This stamping plate is so right up my alley! And it works great, too, picking up even the finest lines. I actually should say all BeautyBigBang stamping plates I've tested so far are fantastic quality.

The Yesensy nail polish - I purchased it in a 1€ store and it works perfectly for stamping! I have a green and a red one of the same series, too, and I use them very often for stamping. If you ever stumble upon this series and you like stamping you can't pass!

I think that's it for today, I hope you liked my mani!

PS: if you wanna shop at BeautyBigBang you can used the code SIMONA for a 10% off.

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